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Dear friend,

Do you want to know how to strip away those kilos of extra body fat without spending hours on boring cardio equipment or starving yourself with fad diets?

 If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Getting fit should NOT be a struggle. Unfortunately, for the majority of people that’s exactly what it is!


There are a few different reasons. For example, most personal trainers and corporate workout programs revolve around PROFITS, making your personal weight-loss and health goals secondary.

The second reason that people struggle with weight loss is because it becomes WORK…

We do things a little different here at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp. For us, fitness is a passion and a way of life…

That’s why I hire only the best fitness instructors—people who have a track record for helping people transform their bodies and get into incredible shape.

At Dangerously Fit Boot Camp,

We Focus On Results

Just take a look at what you can expect when you join our incredible fitness program:

  • Dramatically improved cardiovascular health…
  • A tighter and trimmer waistline…
  • Perfectly sculpted muscle tone…
  • 5 Kilos or more in weight-loss…

Fitness has been the focus of my career for over a decade now and I can say without a doubt that what we are doing at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp is revolutionary.

“You Simply WILL NOT Find A Faster, More Efficient Way

To Lose Weight And Get Into Outstanding Shape!”

All it takes is 45 minutes-3 days per week to see incredible results. And the best part is that our unique combination of high intensity cardio and resistance training SUPERCHARGES your metabolism so that you’re burning more calories even when you aren’t working out!

It seriously does not get any easier than this to lose weight and improve your health.


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I hope to see you at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp soon!

Yours friend,

Dan Clay

Dangerously Fit Boot Camp

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